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Cloud Data Logging is a multichannel temperature and humidity data logger, designed to monitor and store safely temperature and humidity data. 5 channels are provided, 4 channels for digital temperature probes with an accuracy of +/- 0.5°C,  and a resolution of 0.1°C, available in two different lenght 3 or 5 m and one channel for a temperature and humidity probe with a cable lenght of ca. 1m. A web application with map, images scheme integration, enables the user to easily manage his sensors and his data loggers.


Our data logger solution has been designed to be configured as simply as possible. Once unpacked, you just have to connect the probe(s) connect the network cable and plug the power into the data logger. After logging into Loggersmap web application with your E-mail and password, you will just have to enter the serial number of your logger and you are ready.


You can configure your data logger in the language of your choice, set min/max limits, logging interval, calibration date alarm type, configure your accessory including your wifi connection using the web application and then place sensors on the map, plan, picture or scheme of your choice.

You will be also able to set user groups device groups and more.


Our loggersmap application is an intuitive web application for PC or MAc also designed to be used with tactile devices such as iPad tablet or touch screens. Available language are English, French and German. Developped for demanding users wanting to monitor one or many Cloud Data Logging loggers on one or many sites, with one or many users or administrators or for users wanting to be alerted in case of an exceeded limit.


Data can be watched on the web application, from you PC, your Mac, your smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to have data stored on a local USB key directly connected to the Cloud Data Logging logger. Data retention is almost unlimited and data can be exported in CSV format


The logger sends at user defined interval data with probes values to the web application LoggersMap. Data are stored on a secured web server in a secured environment in Switzerland. Loggersmap can be accessed securely anytime from anywhere using your connection account.

Acces from third party are secured, but you can give access anytime to one or more data logger to one or more user of your choice.


Web application  with auto update. Designed for PC, Mac, tablet, I-Pad,  touchscreens.
Data communication, 4 possibilities : LAN/Wifi/3G/Powerline.
Alarms per E-mail, buzzer, visual, dry contact.
Loggersmap Software efficient, intuitive, multilingual (english, french, german),
Almost unlimited data retention, double security. Data are stored locally on an USB key and online on the web.
Quick and easy installation, just connect you logger to your local area network and type  its serial the web application
No programming necessary just alarm limits have to be set.
Multichannel logger with accurate digital probes, up to 4 external temperature probes and 1 temperature and humidity probe.
with USB adapter, no battery needed, means less maintenance.
Factory calibration certificat, or SCS certificat calibration can be obtained as option.
Swiss made Flag_of_Switzerland

Application areas

Cloud Data Logging can be used in many different domains, everywhere where temperature an humidity has to be monitored or logged for quality purpose.

Data center
Cold chain
Cold chamber
Air conditioning
Wine cellar