Data logger

Cloud Data Logging, Data Logger Temp-RH

CLOUD DATA LOGGING – data logger – IoT device

The data logger, Cloud Data Logging,  enables you to monitor in real time temperature and humidity.
Monitor your data from anywhere directly on the web application Loggersmap.
On LoggersMap web application, you can position your sensors on a map, on images, plans or scheme of your choice.
Alarms can be transmitted by e-mail or they can also be local at logger level either by activating the integrated buzzer, the relay or the led on the logger. Log of activities will be kept on the central application, .
Integrated management tools enables you to manage multiple sites, multiples users and their rights, groups, and sensors.
The Cloud Data Logger can be connected to the internet either by using a cable directly connected to your Local Area Network (LAN),  through your WiFi, through a powerline adapter, or by using a 3G connexion.
Your data will be securely stored on the cloud in Switzerland with data protection.

Packing list:
1 Cloud Data Logging logger
1 USB integrated cable 3m with power adapter 110/230V
CHF 320.00 HT

Temperature sensor cable ca. 3 m ref 8233
CHF 55.00 HT 
Temperature sensor cable ca. 5m  – réf 8235
CHF 65.00 HT 
Temperature humidity sensor cable ca. 5m with holding clip – réf 7030
CHF 95.00 HT 

Wifi adapter
CHF 25.00 HT
USB key 8GB to store data locally
CHF 12.00 HT

Connections to Loggersmap application
price per sensor/month minimum 24 months CHF 1.50 HT
price per 5 sensors/month CHF 6.00 HT Bulk price on request


 5 probes can be connected to the Data Logger Cloud Data Logging

  • 4 temperature probes (4 temperature channels).
  • 1 relative humidity and air temperature probe  (1 channel).

maximum 5 probes

Digital temperature probe
(max 4 per logger)
• Measurement range – 55°C à +125°C
• Accuracy ± 0.5°C (de -10°C à +85°C)
• Silicone cable length ca. 3 m or ca. 5 m.
• Stainless steel probe  Ø 5 mm, length 30 mm

Temperature and humidity probe
(max 1 prob pro logger)
• Temperature measurement range -40°C à +120°C
• Accuracy typical ± 0.5°C
• Humidity measuremen range RH 10% to 90%
• Accuracy ± 3% between 20% RH and 80% RH
• Silicone cable length ca. 1 m env
• Stainless steel probe Ø 14 mm, longueur 73 mm env


Digital temperature probe cable length 3 or 5 m.





Digital relative humidity and temperature sensor, cable length ca. 1 m.




Connection to internet using:

  • Local Area Network LAN with network cable.
  • Wireless LAN (WiFi), 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Powerline adapter, network connection through your powerline (needs 2 adapters).
  • 3G adapter, requires a 3G plan with your provider (not included).
Communication internet via:


  • LAN Port RJ45 (Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s).
  • Wifi with an optional usb adapter (802.11 b/g/n) enables you to connect to your existing wifi network.
  • Powerline via LAN and optional Powerline adapter. An adapter pair connected to the same phase enables you to expand you LAN without additional cables.
  • 3G require an optional 3G adapter depend on the country and on your provider, please contact us for the appropriate adapter.

USB Wi-Fi adapter(802.11 b/g/n).











Logger functions:

  • Data stored on secured Loggersmap server in Switzerland.
  • Data logging and recording locally on an USB key (USB key optional).
  • Minimum recording interval 1 min.
  • Data storage, 12 months on usb key and 3 years on secured Loggersmap server
  • Alarms
    • local optical with LED or sound (Buzzer) or contact (relais).
    • Through user interface on the web application Loggersmap with popup.
    • by E-mail.

And also other management functions through the application LoggersMap

Logger functions:
Logger data are automatically send to your account on the central application with a user definable interval (min. 1 minute), those data can also be stored locally on an usb key (optional).

Data will be retained during 3 years on the user account. Those data can be exported at any time to your PC or MAC or mobile device using our central application Loggersmap.

Alarms can be programmed to be received by designated users, or/and locally on the logger level either by generating a sound, a LED will light or you can decide to activate a dry contact.